Healesville Sanctuary Webcams

Located at Healesville, Victoria in the heart of the Yarra Valley, just 65 kilometers from Melbourne, Australia, Healesville Sanctuary is world-renown as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and one of the finest zoos where visitors can see Australian wildlife in their natural habitat.

Interesting Facts About Healesville Sanctuary

• Set in a over 70 acres or natural bushland for a distinctly Australian setting, Healesville Sanctuary. Magic Moments offers visitors the opportunity to come up close with a variety of unique and endearing animals including dingos, emus, kangaroos, kolas, wallabies, wombats as well as several majestic birds native to Australia such as Australia’s best-loved birds the parrot.

• Healesville Sanctuary Spirits of the Sky exhibit highlights a free flight presentation of Australian birds including several colorful parrot species as well as the Wedge Tailed Eagle.

• Home to the Australian Wildlife Center visitors to the Healesville Sanctuary can explore the sanctuary’s veterinary hospital which treats more than 2000 sick and injured wildlife species every year.

• One of the only two facilities to have bred a platypus in 1943 under the management of the Australian naturalist who pioneered the captive breeding of endangered species, David Fleay, Healesville Sanctuary is also known for it’s active role in the conservation of the endangered helmeted honeyeater.

• Healesville Sanctuary features the world’s first interactive Platypus show where visitors can observe Platypus interacting with zookeepers as they play and have their tummies stroked in a Platypus Play Pool.

• Healesville Sanctuary Harvest Cafe offers visitors locally sourced delicious food from the Yarra Valley from ready to go sandwiches to seasonal salads and freshly baked cakes.

• Other attractions featured as Healesville Sanctuary include, Land of Parrots where visitors can feed the parrots; Wombat Pat and Play where you can pet and feed their friendly Wombats; Keeper Talks where zookeepers explain their relationships with the animals, and the Fighting Extinction HQ where children can play a role in the conservation of animal wildlife.

• In 1998 Healesville Sanctuary earned the Victorian Tourism Awards for its role as being recognized as Australia’s favorite metropolitan and regional attraction.

• In 2009, the sanctuary evacuated their endangered species to the Melbourne Zoo following the threat of the Black Saturday bush-fires.

• Children under the age of 16 years receive free admission to the sanctuary on weekends, public holidays as well as on Victorian school holidays.

Healesville Sanctuary Webcams

Zoo Victoria Act Wild Webcams offers online viewers live video from taken several zoo exhibits across Australia. Currently Healesville Sanctuary does not offer any live webcams, however online viewers in the meantime can watch a live stream of several other webcams exhibits from many other zoos in Australia.

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