Cumbria Wildlife Trust Webcams

Looking for a place to come visit in northern England? Then you might wish to check out the Cumbria Wildlife Trust. As one of the most popular zoo webcams in England to check out, they help us to showcase the true beauty of nature. For years now, this Wildlife Trust has become one of the premium places in the United Kingdom to come and look at animals who you might not normally have the chance to see up close and in person.

Take a look, then, and see for yourself why a trip to the Cumbria Wildlife Trust might be a wise idea moving forward.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Fun Facts

  • The Cumbria Wildlife Trust has been active since the early 1960s. Formed in 1962, it was first known as the Lake District Naturalists’ Trust.
  • However, it was changed to the modern name of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust for Nature Conservation in 1974. This happened when Cumbria itself was formed.
  • They operate a whopping 40 different nature reserves and aims to help those across the UK to enjoy a more personal, up-close relationship with the world of nature as a whole.
  • Cumbria Wildlife Trust works across the UK, but they are headed over in Kendal and are near the Lake District National Park.
  • They don’t just manage awesome animal venues, they also work across various peat bogs, limestone pavements, and ancient woodland that is found across the Cumbria region.
  • Running educational systems is their go-to place, too, helping the company to provide education to those who wish to know more about their local wildlife animals.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Webcams

Like many zoos and wildlife trusts, you will find that Cumbria Wildlife Trust provide many interesting wildlife cameras for you to watch. They are available at various times of the day, each camera offering an illuminating insight into what these creatures do in their spare time.

Osprey webcams

A popular choice for many people on the various wildlife cameras provided by the Cumbria Wildlife rust is the osprey cameras. These are quite rare in the UK, and it can be very informative for a viewer to see just how these unique animals interact in their own habitat over at the Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

Garden birds webcams

Garden birds of many varieties can be found on their wildlife cameras, giving you a chance to see various popular UK garden variety birds fly around. They are attracted by the garden bird feeder, giving you ample chance to see the birds arrive at various times through the day.

Badger webcams

Another popular choice is the various badger webcams, which are set up across the region and are timed for dusk. This is when we tend to see badgers at their most active, and the webcams often pickup badgers getting up to all manner of comical activities as the day goes on.

Seal webcams

Those who want to see a more aquatic experience should look to the various seal webcams which are out there. These are based a the South Walney Nature Reserve and should give you all of the help that you need to enjoy a satisfying, engaging view of these amazing animals at their most natural.