Isle of Wight Zoo Webcams

Looking for a beautiful zoo to come and visit on the Isle of Wight? Then be sure to come visit the amazing Isle of Wight zoo. The zoo was once privately owned but has been a charitable trust since 2017. It has become a major visiting spot for those who are passionate about large cats and animals that are Madagascan in nature. For many children (and parents), a trip to the Isle of Wight zoo is one of the best ways to spend a day!

Isle of Wight Zoo Fun Facts

  • There is much to love about this zoo, having first opened in the 1950s and grown ever since.
  • The zoo came through hard times in the 1970s, even being dubbed the ‘slum zoo’!
  • However, the zoo was taken over by Jack Corney, and has since developed into a major attraction – especially for those who lave big cats and other such animals.
  • The saviour of the zoo, Jack Corney, sadly passed on in 2003; since then, the zoo has been under the watchful eye of Charlotte, Jack’s daughter.
  • The zoo has a habit of rescuing animals from nefarious situations; for example, five tigers were once rescued from a circus act taking place in Spain!
  • The zoo has become increasingly diverse over the years, with a specific Indian-themed series of habitats opened to help house animals from this part of the world.
  • Visitors to this zoo can find all manner of rare and specific animals, including the likes of mongoose lemurs and capuchins – hard to find in certain zoos in the UK!
  • The zoo was used as part of the Tiger Island TV show that was shot across two series, showing the different and varying aspects of life of those involves in the zoo industry.
  • Alongside helping to make nature safer, this zoo also focuses on improving conservation qualities across the globe, working with the Madagascar Fauna Group in particular.

Isle of Wight Zoo Webcams

While webcams come and go at the Isle of Wight Zoo, one of their most popular webcams has been for their cats. One of the most popular webcams is for Kumba and Vigo. The duo of big cats is some of the most popular at the zoo, and you can find that their webcams often capture both brothers.

The two animals were saved from the circus in Spain in 2019 and have since been able to live productive and happy lives at the zoo ever since. With the webcams set up, you can watch these big cats have a quiet and comfortable lives – far from the hectic nature of zoo life – from a 24/7 webcam.

Other webcams are setup from time to time, but at present the Isle of Wight Zoo only has one primary webcam attraction available.