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Owned and operated by the registered charity Marwell Wildlife, Marwell Zoo is a 57 ha zoo situated in the English county of Hampshire, Owslebury near Winchester.

The zoo which is home to over 1,200 animals representing 235 species undertakes a wide range of conservational and educational projects is primarily focused on African wildlife.

Interesting Facts About Marwell Zoo

• Opening in1972 the zoo founded by John Knowles as of the earliest zoos throughout Europe focussing on animal conservation. Shortly after its establishment the zoo became a recognized breeding center for several animal species including the already extinct Mongolian Wild Horse, the Siberian Tiger and the Snow Leopard.

• The park is situated in the Marwell Hall estate, a Grade I listed building originally constructed in 1320 and largely redeveloped in 1816. During the 1500s, the Hall was owned by the Seymour family, and is reminiscent of a local tradition of the marriage between Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Between 1941 and 1944 the area was used as an airfield to support the manufacture of military planes at the nearby Eastleigh factory. By the end of World War II the area was returned to its agricultural use.

• In 1977, a giraffe by the name of Victor collapsed and died from a heart attack. Media reports suggested that the animal had slipped while attempting to mate.

• In 1999, the zoo lost all of its penguin collection to an outbreak of avian malaria.

• In 2003 following the completion of an enclosure for endangered Amur leopards a female leopard after being shot with a tranquilizer dart fell from a tree to her death only a few days after the opening of the exibit. Later in 2005 a cub born to a replacement leopard escaped the exhibit and wondered off to the male enclosure and was killed by its father.

• In 2007 following a poll taken among Hampshire residents, the park was recognized as the most noteworthy attraction.

• In 2009 both the charity formerly known as the Marwell Preservation Trust and the park, Marwell Zoological Park’s name was jointly changed to Marwell Wildlife, in an attempt to promote a conservation awareness outside the park environment.

• Marwell Wildlife’s main conservation programs include the management of biodiversity in Hampshire, supporting Grevy’s Zebra and its ecosystem in Kenya in addition to assisting Zimbabwe’s endangered species as well as reintroduction of the scimitar-horned oryx to the Sahara region.

• Marwell Wildlife’s family entertainment offers three Playgrounds for children, a variety of food Kiosks, Bushtucker Bites, Picnic areas and an African BBQ. There is also an enclosed area along South Road close to the Pygmy Hippos as well as a family hotel adjacent to the park.

• Marwell Zoo is renown for breeding several species of endangered animals including, the critically endangered black and white ruffed lemur, the snow leopard, and the Amur Leopard.

• In 2015 an endangered Sulawesi-crested macaque baby was born.

Marwell Zoo Web Cams

Meerkat Cam
Just opposite the tiger exhibit and near the Cafe Graze you’ll find the zoo’s meerkat exhibit.

Flamingo Cam
Marwell Zoo’s flamingo exhibit is located just a way up the path leading to the Savannah Tracks featuring the zoo’s collection of cheetahs.

Ant Cam
Marwell Zoo’s Tropical World is a glass house featuring rainforest creatures including poison arrow frogs, frilled lizards, a West African Dwarf Crocodile, piranhas, tarantulas, and leafcutter ants.

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