Werribee Open Range Zoo Webcams

Located just 20 miles south-west Melbourne, Australia and situated on over 500 acres on the Werribee River, the African themed Werribee Open Range Zoo and part of the Zoological Parks and Gardens is a zoological park dedicated to the conservation of animal wildlife.

Interesting Facts About Werribee Open Range Zoo

• Visitors can explore the Werribee Open Range zoo by way of a bus excursion capable of transporting as much as up to 140 people per trip. The journey which includes animals such as the camel, giraffe, ostrich, oryx, rhinoceros as well as other animals of the grasslands can last up to 40 minutes.

• One of the main attractions of the Werribee Open Range Zoo is a simulated African village featuring a pretend scenario highlighting the adventures of an African ranger following the trails of lions.

• Werribee Zoo’s independent trails include; the Pula Reserve Walking Trail which focusses on several species native to African wildlife, such as cheetahs, lions, meerkats and vervet monkeys and an Australian Journey Walk, which highlights animals native to Australia such as the emu, kangaroo and the koala.

• Werribee Zoo Learning Centre educates visitors about the history of the zoo and about the Zoos conservation work to reduce the threats facing endangered wildlife.

• Visitors to the zoo can schedule unique tours which include an Off Road Safari amongst the world’s most iconic grassland animals as well as offers close encounters with animals of the African savannah such as giraffe, gorillas or servals.

• Housing over 350 species of animals and 1500 botanical specimens many of which are endangered, Werribee Open Range Zoo features a humanitarian animal/adoption sponsorship program which includes gift adoption pack.

• In 2008 the plans to build an African Safari World theme park at the zoo by Warner Village Theme Parks was indefinitely postponed due to the projected cost of $100 million.

• In 2011 the zoo received three western lowland gorillas from Melbourne Zoo. The gorillas which included three males were placed in a new wide-open 2.5 acre facility. The facility which features climbing structures, indoor facilities and allows Zoos Victoria to offer the best-practice care for bachelor gorillas has earned the zoo worldwide recognition for its groundbreaking efforts for gorilla management.

• In 2010 the zoo gorilla enclosure made national headlines following an act which involved a pair of comedians Hamish & Andy dressing up as gorillas. The act which was part of a television special received several complaints by some viewers who thought themselves swindled by the zoo.

Werribee Open Range Zoo Webcams

Zoo Victoria Act Wild Webcams offers online viewers live video from taken several zoo exhibits including from the Orang-utan live cameras at the Werribee Open Range Zoo shown in the links below. Currently both cameras are offline however visitors in the meantime can watch a live stream of their Pygmy Hippo Cam from the Melbourne Zoo rainforest.

View Werribee Open Range Zoo Video Camera 1.

View Werribee Open Range Zoo Video Camera 2.

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