Blair Drummond Safari Webcams

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland, the Blair Drummond Safari is a tremendous place to visit. This is a family-friendly zoo and safari that is based near the city of Stirling. Over the years, it has become a major attraction within the area, growing to reach a whopping 120-acre size venue that allows for the hosting of many animals in total.

It is one of the most accessible and enjoyable tourist attractions in Scotland, and definitely worth the time and admission fee alone.

Blair Drummond Safari Interesting Facts

  • Blair Drummond Safari Park is a family visitor location that first opened in 1970 and has grown massively since its humble years.
  • However, the true beginnings of Blair Drummond House started as far back as 1715, before it was sold to tea merchant Sir John Kay, who bought it in 1915.
  • The park was then passed on to nephew Sir John Muir, who is the grandfather to the current owner, Mr. Jamie Muir.
  • It also served as a home for the Camphill Movement, a charity that provides work for those who require special needs treatment.
  • The Safari Park itself opened in 1970 and was developed into one of the first safari parks, with Longleat Safari Park being the oldest set up, which arrived in 1966.
  • Today, the park makes up a home for over 350 animals in total and is also able to provide 120-acre sized estate enclosure.
  • Unlike other safaris and zoos, the animals have massive enclosures or are given the chance to roam around relatively free.
  • Open from March until October each year, this has become one of the premium tourist attractions for people coming to and from Scotland.
  • Blair Drummond is also made up of various different reserves, including an African and macaque reserve that you might wish to check out in time.
  • Various educational events are held at Blair Drummond, as well as numerous rides and amusements that can also help to add to the fun factor.

Blair Drummond Safari Webcams

Blair Drummond Safari is home to many different animal webcams that cover the various species that they have housed here. The webcams are a live feed that will show you various parts of the safari. The most common active webcams on the website include the lion and the rhinoceros pens. These are active most days and should be a clear and crisp footage section for you to look at.

Other webcams can come and go, though these two webcams are seen as the two constants that should provide you with ample opportunity to see these rare animals (at least in the UK) live in comfort.