Dudley Zoo Webcams

While the West Midlands is home to many attractions, the 40-acre Dudley Zoo is easily among the most popular venues to visit. First opened in May 1937, this became a primary venue for popular enjoyment in the local area and beyond. The comfortable positioning within the Black Country makes it easy to reach for visitors, while the 12 modernist enclosures help to break up the animals into perfectly manageable chunks.

It’s for this reason that so many people today like to come and visit Dudley Zoo. The zoo has been through some tough times in the past, but today stands as one of the most well-respected zoos in the United Kingdom.

Dudley Zoo Fun Facts

  • Dudley Zoo regularly hosts popular events in the local area, including the various range of events held at the local gardens.
  • Many of the buildings found within the grounds of the zoo are developed by Berthold Lubetkin, part of the Tecton Group, who are famed for their architectural prowess.
  • A total of 40 acres in size, there are over 900 animals stored at the zoo with various exhibits for everything from lemurs and chimpanzees to tigers.
  • Over 250,000 people visited this zoo on the opening day, and around 700,000 took part in visiting the zoo across the length of the calendar year.
  • The zoo was opened in 1937, and since then has been developed to fit a whole new style. The zoo underwent receivership in 1977, and by 1978 was a registered charity.
  • Over the years, the variety of animals has changed quite dramatically. From African elephants to snow leopards and reindeer, this is one of the most varied zoos in the United Kingdom today.
  • The zoo is noted for its modernist architecture, with a total of 12 listed buildings and a whole host of other Grade II buildings for visitors to check out.
  • The zoo underwent a major renovation in 2018 when a £6m renovation took place, with further investment and changes expected to come across 2019 to extend various exhibits.

Dudley Zoo Webcams

Penguin Cameras

The penguin cameras are especially popular, especially with lovers of birds and/or winter life. They tend to show you the penguins at their most relaxed, though watching at various times in the day can lead to some pretty interesting sights to be picked up!

The penguins which are being housed here are known as Humboldt Penguins. They are stored in the large and safe Penguin Bay, offering the penguins all the space and privacy that they require.

View Penguin Webcams.

Tiger Cameras

The tigers that are stored at Dudley Zo are known as Sumatran Tigers, and are called Daseep and Joao. They are fixtures of the zoo and tend to prove themselves as some of the most popular and exciting creatures to go and see.

The tiger cameras will give you every opportunity that you need to see them at their most exciting, as the cameras often pick up on little things that you might not notice if you visit in person. As you might imagine, the tigers are often a bit more animated without an audience!

View Tiger Webcams.