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Located next to the Cleveland Park on a 5.7 site in Greenville, South Carolina, United States, the Greenville Zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums has been dedicated to conservation and welfare of animals and their natural habitats since 1960.

The zoo which features African Lions, Masai Giraffes, several primate species in addition to a number of wildlife and farm exhibits housing domestic animals and a reptile house is opened to the public daily except on holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Notably a typical visit to the zoo can last as much as up to two hours.

Interesting Facts About Greenville Zoo

• Following the approval of the Greenville City Council three years prior, construction of the Greenville Zoo began in 1960.

• Upon it’s first opening the Greenville Zoo’s main exhibits featured several domestic animals including bobcat, bears, deer, ducks, foxes and prairie dogs.

• In 1962 the zoo constructed its money dome exhibit adding 26 Colobus monkeys to its collection.

• During the late 1960s the zoo the Greenville Zoo also added improved fencing, paved walkways, a chimpanzee exhibit building as well as added leopards, sea lions, a macaw and otters to its animal collection.

• During the 1970s the zoo added it’s first elephant exhibits.

• In 1981 the zoo by expanding its area from 2.0 ha to 5.7 ha had increased it’s animal collection to over 70 animals in 11 exhibits.

• Following its closure in 1984 to effect major upgrades, the Greenville Zoo was reopened in 1986 with an improved education center, gift shop and refreshment area, a waterfowl lagoon, a reptile building and a new South American exhibit.

• In 2002, the zoo opened it’s Cub Kingdom preschool playground then later in 2003 an Asian Encounter exhibit.

• The Greenville Zoo’s Masai Giraffe exhibit including a male giraffe, Walter and a female, Autumn was opened in 2008. Walter who was from the San Diego Zoo and Autumn who was transferred from the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston both came to the zoo in 2007 as part of a cooperative breeding program known as the Species Survival Program.•

• The pairing of both Walter and Autumn who are part of the zoo’s collection of 20 Masai giraffes from across the North America resulted in the successful birth of two baby giraffe calfs, Kiko who was born in October 2012 and Tatu later in August 2014. Kiko who remained at the zoo for a year was later transferred to the Toronto Zoo in Canada recognizing him as the first South Carolina male giraffe to be transferred to Canada.

• In 2014 a 44-year-old female African elephant Ladybird after month-long episode of abdominal pain which resulted in her inability to stand was humanely put to death. As per AZA regulations which prohibit zoos from housing a single elephant, the zoo’s remaining elephant Joy was scheduled to be moved to Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Joy died while being transported.

• Since 1960 the Greenville Zoo has witnessed several animal births including a triplet of red pandas and a male Bornean orangutan in 2006.

• In 2015 the zoo welcomed the birth of its first baby Gibbon in addition to Willie, a male baby red panda named after Willie Nelson the famous country singer.

Greenville Zoo Webcams

Greenville Zoo Giraffe Cam

Greenville Zoo’s Giraffe Cam offers viewers an exclusive look at their Masai Giraffe exhibit. Click on the link below and enjoy this rare opportunity to watch Autumn and Wally interact with each other and their newborn calf.

View Greenville Zoo Giraffe Cam.