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Operated by Scotland’s Royal Zoological Society since it’s opening in 1972, this 260-acre wildlife park located just outside Kingussie, Highland and open every day of the year is both a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Interesting Facts About Highland Wildlife Park

• In 1980 the Highland Wildlife Park home to several famous animals including the “Kellas cat” first became legendary after receiving a female puma captured by a local farmer. The puma later named “Felicity” who remained at the park until her death can be seen on display at the Inverness Museum.

• In 2007 the Royal Zoological Society in a bid to increase the number of visitors to the park and improve the zoo’s working practices, changed the theme of the Highland Wildlife Park from the native species of the Highlands to the species from tundra and mountainous habits from around the world. During this period the first animals added to the park’s collection were two bharals, and later it’s first Japanese macaques.

• In 2008 the park built an aviary for its collection of Himalayan snowcock as well as added several species to it’s exhibits including Afghan urial, Chinese grey goral, European elk, Himalayan tahr, Mishmi takin, Red Panda, and Carpathian lynx.

• In 2009 the park opened its Amur tiger exhibit. The park which became home to a pair of Amur tigers from Edinburgh zoo Sasha and Yuri witnessed the birth of three cubs that year. Notably in 2009 the park also witnessed the first births of Himalayan tahr and European elk.

• In 2011 the park opened its enclosure for two European wolves and a paddock for it’s collection of Pallas cats. Other animals which were added to the park collection in 2011 included a herd of vicuna and European cranes.

• Recognized as the first wildlife park to have imported musk ox into the United Kingdom in over 20 years, Highland Wildlife park is also the only park in the UK to house female white-lipped deer.

• In 2012 park witnessed the birth of five European wolves, 2 northern lynx and a Japanese serow.

• In 2013 the Highland Wildlife Park welcomed the birth of several species, including it’s first great grey owl, Amur tiger, musk oxen, white-lipped deer Bactrian wapiti and Turkmenian markhor.

• In 2014 the park reintroduced a female European bison to Romania, welcomed the first hatching of satyr tragopan, and witnessed the births of 2 female mishmi takin and 6 Pallas kittens.

• In 2014 the park also began construction of a new polar bear enclosure for the expected arrival of a female polar bear in 2015 from Denmark’s Aalborg Zoo. The enclosure which was built behind the musk oxen exhibit also features a sub enclosure for housing a male polar bear.

• Visitors to the Highland Wildlife Park by driving around the main complex and on to the walk-around area can explore modern and historic wildlife at the Scottish Highlands featuring several species of present-day and historic animals from thousands of years ago, and native to vast regions all over the earth.

Highland Wildlife Park Webcam

Highland Wildlife Park Snow Monkey Cam

Click on the link below and experience a live streaming video overlooking Highland Wildlife Park Snow Monkey exhibit where the park’s, now over 20 Snow Monkeys, (Japanese Macaques) can be seen at play and fed by the park keepers.

View the Snow Monkey Cam.

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