Memphis Zoo Webcams

As one of the leading attractions in Midtown, Memphis, Memphis Zoo brings people from all across the world together. This is home to other 3,00 animals, with over 500 species represented across its numerous collections. The zoo is a fairly old exhibit, too, fist opening up in April 1906. Today, it has become one of the premium zoo areas in the United States; a fine example of what can be achieved with proper investment in variety.

From the early 1990s, few museums have put in as much time and effort into expansion and renovation. This has helped to keep Memphis Zoo refreshing and new, ensuring that it’s 19 major exhibits bring in people from all across the world to see what is on offer.

As one of the most well-respected zoos on American soil, the whopping 76 acre space that the zoo owns ensures that you can have a tremendous day viewing, learning, and investigating.

Memphis Zoo Fun Facts

  • This zoo was put together with a $1,200 fund from the Memphis Park Commission. In just four months, it included bear enclosures and 20+ cages.
  • The first Elephant House was opened up in 1910, and today the building is still used for educational purposes.
  • The Botanical Display Building, now the Tropical Bird House, was first opened in 1916.
  • The latest addition came as part of the African exhibit, and represented the Zambezi River Hippo Camp. This was made open for public usage in 2016.
  • With over 3,500 animals across 500 species, Memphis Zoo has one of the most diverse and varied collections of animals you will find in Tennessee.
  • Over $77m has been invested into high-end renovation and improvement of the wider zoo area. Split up into 19 exhibits, the zoo is broken down into culture, geography, and various other factor.
  • An accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this is a museum that looks to retain ethical practices and management for the animals kept within.
  • Memphis Zoo was ranked as the #1 zoo in the United States by TripAdvisor as part of their 2008 awards, based on the opinions of website users.

Memphis Zoo Webcams

Panda Cams

Arguably the most popular choice would be the panda cameras. These give you access to the interior and exterior of the panda area, helping you to see these amazing creatures go about their daily business without disturbance.

View Live Panda Cam.

Hippo Cams

The hippos are another immensely popular part of this location. The hippos make their way around their den, enjoying the habitat built just for them. You will often see numerous hippos at once, relaxing and enjoying social togetherness.

View Live Hippo Cam.

Elephant Cams

The elephant cams are another hugely popular part of the talking point. These cameras tend to look great as they give you a thorough and full view of the entire area, allowing you to see elephants both big and small interacting with one another.

View Live Elephant Cam.

Flamingo Cams

If your interest in avian creatures extends to flamingos, then you will absolutely love this particular camera. This webcam allows you to see the flamingos in their bright and natural habitat, watching them interact with guests and themselves in their usual flamboyant manner.

View Live Flamingo Cam.

Grizzly Cams

If you want to see what bears do in their spare time, this camera gives you fine access to see just that. The smart camera angles allow you to see the various bears moving around, often in pairs, enjoying relative comfort and relaxation together in a very safe environment.

View Live Grizzly Cam.

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