Paignton Zoo Webcams

When it comes to enjoying time in the United Kingdom, a popular place to come to is Devon. Thanks to the introduction of Paignton Zoo, which first opened as far back as 1923, this area has long been as a major hotspot for animals and for conservation. The zoo itself is part of Paignton, Devon, and is part of the Wild Planet Trust. The zoo, a registered educational and scientific charity, is home to over 250 different species of animal. Indeed, you could find over 2,000 animals being kept here in various areas and exhibits.

With exhibits that are as varied as reptiles and apes to lemurs, this is a zoo that manages to pack in a whole host of interesting animals. Various forms of bird, mammal, and reptile can be found across the themed exhibits that make this such a wonderful place to come and visit.

Paignton Zoo Fun Facts

  • The zoo itself sees many visitors come to its whopping 32 hectacres of space, with over 415,000 visitors coming on average per year.
  • Every year, this zoo takes part in introducing children to the wonderful world of animals – some 45,000 school children visit the zoo on an annual basis.
  • The animals here must be well-fed, as the annual food bill for the bills is believed to be as much as £200,000 per annum.
  • The varied collection of animals is deeply impressive, with over 1,000 different lower and invertebrate creatures around to see.
  • Over 1,000 birds and 400 mammals make this one of the most exciting and diverse zoos that you will find anywhere across the United Kingdom.
  • Like many zoos, Paignton Zoo looks to offer sanctuary and protection to as many endangered species as it can. At the time of writing, some 219 species are on the IUCN Red List.
  • The zoo takes part in various conservation works both in the United Kingdom in locations such as Cirl, Sorbus, and Strapwort, but also in nations such as Vietnam, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Paignton Zoo Webcams

Flamingo Webcams

When it comes to Flamingo webcams, one thing you will notice is that the flamingos tend to handle themselves with the glamour one would expect. These Chilean flamingos tend to be great for viewing, especially for kids; they tend to be out and about while the weather is nice, so be sure to take a look at this particular webcam.

View Flamingo webcam.

Macaque Webcams

Another popular choice would be the macaque webcams, which are extremely popular and part of the growing Monkey Heights area. These are exciting to watch as you get to see some of the most exciting species around; they are high energy, exciting macaques that don’t tend to stop for anyone.

View Macaque Webcam.

Meerkat Webcams

Meerkats are one of the best animals to watch given their high energy, high intensity nature. They tend to be fun to be around as they are just so effervescent. The meerkats here tend to be a fantastic starting point for anyone, giving you a chance to really see these high-energy creatures up close and personal. As one of the few webcams accessible, this offers a tremendous insight into the life of a meerkat.

View Meerkat Webcam.