Ouwehands Zoo Webcams

As one of the most popular zoos found in The Netherlands, Ouwehands Zoo is a tremendous part of the nations love of animals. The zoo, found in Rhenen, was first opened in 1932 and for over 80 years has been an exceptional part of Dutch zoo culture. Located in the province of Utrecht, this is one of the most popular places in the country for fans of animals new and old, unique, and special, to come.

The zoo is located on the Laarschenberg; a mountainous region that is part of the south-eastern tip of the Utrecht Hill Ridge.

Ouwehands Zoo Fun Facts

  • One thing to note about this location is that it was founded by Rotterdam native Cor Ouwehand. He actually moved here to build a cigar factory but changed his mind.
  • Instead, a chicken farm was built in its place and various animals were stored here including peacocks, pheasants, and other such wildlife, drawing a large local crowd.
  • Despite a loss of income during the Great Depression, Ouwehand turned the chicken farm into a zoo and started to visit various zoos across Europe for ideas before opening in 1932.
  • The zoo actually played an important role for the Netherlands during the Second World War, as the Grebbe Line, a major defensive position, was situated through the Grebbeberg – where the zoo was based.
  • Ouwehand sadly had to shoot most of the animals deemed dangerous, so that if the zoo was hit it would not mean aggressive animals escaping into the public.
  • Compensation arrived in 1953, though, and it helped to fund a refurbishment program that has helped the zoo to become the international stalwart that it is within the zoo industry.
  • The zoo set up in 2017 to be able to house giant pandas within the zoo, first arriving in the same year.

Ouwehands Zoo Webcams

Panda Cam

One of the most popular choices for visitors to the Ouwehands Zoo is the Den of Wu. This popular haunt is where the local’s pandas are housed. All you need to do is donate €1 to the zoo and you can get access to see what Wu Wen and her cub are doing today.

Active and engaging, they tend to be doing something worth watching with their time. You’ll get to watch Mother Wu Wen enjoy time with her cub as she watches the youngling grow from adolescence to adulthood. It should be a deeply satisfying experience for anyone with a love of animals, as you’ll see some pretty special views as the family continue to grow and bond together.

Polar Bear Cam

Another popular choice for those who are visiting is the polar bear cameras which are switched on for personal access. This allows you to see various polar bears, such as Sura Freedom, Yura, and Yuka. They are growing all the time, so you get to see what a full family of polar bears actually looks like as they move about from day to day.

This is a highly entertaining, emotionally satisfying experience that is sure to help you see why polar bears are loved the world around. The polar bears have been here for some time now and continue to settle into the area with total comfort.

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