Chattanooga Zoo Webcams

One of the smallest zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 1998, the Chattanooga Zoo formerly known as the Warner Park Zoo is a 5.3 ha zoological park located in Warner Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Interesting Facts About Chattanooga Zoo

First opened in 1900 by Colonel F.G. Oxley of Bridgeport, Alabama as the Oxley Zoo later closing in 1911 due to financial constraints, the Chattanooga Zoo was officially opened in 1937 by the City of Chattanooga with the construction of two 1.2 by 1.8m enclosures for its collection of rhesus monkeys.

• The Himalayan Passage used for the housing of the Zoo’s red panda and also the world’s largest indoor red panda exhibit is by far the Zoo’s most noteworthy exhibit.

In 2006 the Himalayan Passage passage was redeveloped to house the Zoo’s collection of Hanuman langurs and snow leopards.

• In 2001 the Chattanooga Zoo built its $2.1 million Gombe Forest exhibit to house it’s resident chimpanzees. The Gombe Forest which also serves as both an indoor and outdoor exhibit is home to the Zoo’s long time resident and world renown chimpanzee Hank as well as several other chimps.

• In 2011 Hank, who was first found in the African rain forests in 1968, then later donated to the zoo in 1976 passed away of natural causes at age 42.

• Chattanooga Zoo’s Donovan Interpretive Center features an indoor chimpanzee viewing area as well as several other small exhibits.

• Chattanooga Zoo’s Corcovado Jungle is home to several Latin American species, including capybaras, macaws, jaguars, and spider monkeys.

• Chattanooga Zoo’s Walkin’ the Tracks exhibit is home to the zoo’s collection of animals native to the North American region, including prairie dogs and white-tailed deer. The Zoo’s Cougar Express features an indoor viewing in train car for it’s resident cougars.

• In 2008 the Zoo opened a new front entrance complex featuring an endangered species carousel, a concessions pavilion, a gift shop, new parking areas, and restroom facilities.

• The Chattanooga Zoo plays an active role in wildlife conservation, explicitly the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Species Survival Plan which is responsible for the rearing, conservation, and protection of endangered species throughout it’s accredited facilities in North America. The Chattanooga Zoo since 1998 continues to work closely with the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group/Fundacion Zoologica by assisting Latin American zoos with several conservation strategies including saving the Amazon Rainforest.

• The Chattanooga Zoo is currently undergoing a five-phase Master Plan which will transform the zoo into an exceptional zoological center featuring new exhibits, and a collection of new species including Komodo dragons, gibbons and African penguins.

Chattanooga Zoo Webcams

Fans the Chattanooga Zoo can click on the links below to watch live streaming of the Zoo’s mob of meerkats, its collection of show leopards including Callie a 3 year-old snow leopard and its Cotton-Top tamarins 24/7.

View Chattanooga Zoo Meerkats Live webcam.

View Chattanooga Zoo Snow Leopards webcam.

View Chattanooga Zoo Tamarins webcam.

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