North American Bear Center Webcams

Featuring the North American Black Bear and acknowledged as the only nature museum of it’s kind dedicated to educating people on bears behavior, ecology and relationship to human beings, the North American Bear Center is an interactive museum and educational facility overlooking naturally forested enclosure.

Located one mile west of Ely, Minnesota along Highway 169 and home to five bears, the North American Bear Centre on its mission to advance the long-term survival of bears and conserve bear habitat additionally features, children activities, interpretive nature trails and a theatre.

Interesting Facts About North American Bear Center

• Operating as a non-profit museum offering indoor and outdoor exhibits for black bears visitors to the North American Bear Center can view the center’s five resident bears – Ted, Honey, Lucky, Holly and Tasha.

• The North American Bear Center in it’s commitment rehabilitate injured and orphaned bears back into the wild and educate persons on the true nature of bears includes more than 50 video exhibits highlighting scientific research featuring untamed Minnesota bears, daily programs and award winning documentaries on bears for all ages, as well as a unique hands-on area where children can learn and experience for themselves about bear behavior.

• The North American Bear Center began it’s Education Outreach Program became a worldwide internet sensation in 2010 when researchers placed a webcam in the den of a black bear named Lily as part of a long-term study of the behavior of black bears. That year thousands of online viewers watched as Lily gave birth to her 12-once cub, Hope. Later the study resulted in the several classrooms following the lives of the bear and her cubs and later the development of a curriculum distributed though the program.

• Packed with daily activities for learning about black bears and making use of inquiry-based learning North American Black Bear Center Black Bear Boxes offer children a hands-on experience for classrooms, libraries, summer camps and other educational facilities.

North American Bear Center Live Cameras

PTZ Pond Cam – Live Video

North American Bear Center PTZ Pond Cam features a live video of the their three resident Bears, Holly, Lucky and Ted. Click on the link below to watch and discuss the daily activities of these Ambassador Bears with other bear enthusiasts.

View PTZ Pond Cam.

Ted’s Chalet Den Cam – Live Video

Click on the link below and watch this gentle, young 19 year old male black bear Ted in his private enclosure.

View Teds Chalet Den Cam.

Tasha’s Cam – Live Video

North American Bear Centre most recent black bear named Tasha arrived at the Bear Center on June 6, 2016 from southern Kentucky. Tasha was reared by a man after she was found trying to nurse on her mother who was killed after being struck by a truck.

View Tasha’s Cam.