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Serving Alaska’s wildlife for more than 45 years, the Alaska Zoo located on 10 ha of Hillside in Anchorage Alaska is visited annually by almost 200,000 visitors.

Currently home to over 100 captive-born, orphaned and injured birds and mammals representing over 50 species the Alaska Zoo has the widest variety of animals and exotics native to the Alaska region.

Besides viewing, the Alaska Zoo focusses on wildlife conservation, education, research, and animal rehabilitation.

Interesting Facts About Alaska Zoo

• In 1966 a grocer named Jack Snyder having entered a contest won a prize female Asian elephant, named Annabelle. The elephant which would later become the first of many exhibits at the Alaska Zoo was housed at the Sammye Seawell Diamond H Horse Ranch.

• In 1968 the non-profit corporation the Alaska Children’s Zoo was founded. The zoo which was erected on land adjacent to the Diamond H Horse Ranch was later opened the following year featuring Annabelle as well as several other animals including Arctic fox, petting zoo goats and a black bear.

• In 1980 the Alaska Children’s Zoo was renamed the Alaska Zoo

• In 1983, the zoo added a female African elephant named Maggie to its collection as a companion for Annabelle. Maggie is also known as having the world’s first elephant treadmill.

• In 1994 several visitors upon entering an area housing its polar bear were attacked and injured by one of the bears.

• In 1997, the zoo’s Asian elephant Annabelle died from complications suffered from a foot infection. In spite of the growing concerns to have the remaining female elephant Maggie relocated to an elephant sanctuary in a warmer climate to socialize with other elephants, Zoo officials kept the elephant for a further three years. As of 2007 Maggie was relocated to the California PAWS sanctuary for abandoned or abused performing animals and victims of the exotic animal trade.

• Alaska Zoo is renown for its active role as part of the American Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Species Survival Program to ensure the survival of selected species including tigers and snow leopards, as well as a member of the non-profit organization, Polar Bear International aiding in the conservation of polar bears. The zoo is also currently involved in several research programs with the University of Alaska Anchorage including animal husbandry.

Alaska Zoo Webcams

Alaska Zoo Live Polar Bear Webcam
The Live Polar Bear Camera shows the exhibit area for zoos two adult polar bears, Ahpun and Lyutyik. By clicking on the link below you can also learn about the zoo’s Polar Bear Project and how you can show your support by donating.

View Live Polar Bear Web Camera.

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