Tallinn Zoo Webcams

Housing over 13,000 animals representing more than 540 species, Tallinn Zoo is the only zoo in Estonia.

Interesting Facts About Tallinn Zoo

• Tallinn Zoo was first first opened in 1939 following the win of the Argentine Cup, World Championship title in Helsinki by a group of Estonian marksmen who brought back a young lynx, Illu later to become the zoo’s first exhibit and animal emblem.

• Tallinn Zoo is the most visited zoo in the Baltic states since 2009

• In 1940 Estonia’s occupation and ban by the Soviet Union delayed the planned development of the zoo resulting in Tallinn Zoo initially located on the edge of Kadriorg Park.

• It was not until 1983 that the zoo was moved to a 210 acre and current site in the Veskimetsa park forest.

Tallinn Zoo is famed for having the world’s largest mountain goat and sheep collection, as well as having a considerable collection of eagles and owls.

• Tallinn Zoo includes two tropic houses featuring crocodiles, exotic birds, chimpanzees, fishes, marmosets mongooses.

• In 1989 to commemorate it’s 50th birthday the zoo built it’s Elephant House which today houses the zoo’s collection of African elephants, armadillos, hippos, pygmy, and snakes.

• Tallinn Zoo’s Alpinarium built in 2004 houses snow leopards, ibex and mountain sheep.

• In 2002 the zoo built its Middle-Asia Complex for housing it’s collection of Bactrian camels, bison, hyaenas, Przewalski’s horses and yak. Close to the Middle-Asia complex is an area for ducks, pelicans, pheasants and other species of water birds.

• Tallinn Zoo’s Hawk Mountain is home to several bird species including barn owls, golden eagles and vultures.

• Tallinn zoo is one of the many zoo’s to have successfully bred snow leopards, Steller’s sea eagle and the Amur leopard.

• Tallinn Zoo’s European mink mission is dedicated to the conservation and release of endangered wildlife to their natural habitat.

• In 2007 due to human negligence a polar bear escaped from its exhibit. Efforts to recapture the bear resulted in the bear’s death after being tranquilized.

• In 2004 a man who had awoken after a drunken stupor had his hand bitten off when he tried to feed a polar bear a cookie.

• Tallinn Zoo’s planned developments and update of facilities include new exhibits for bears, tigers, wolves and other animals currently housed in the zoo’s old military buildings.

Tallinn Zoo Webcams

Tallinn Zoo African Elephant Webcam

Click on the link below and watch a live video stream of Tallinn Zoo’s African Bush Elephants taken form 8 webcams.

View African Bush Elephant – Cameras 1 to 8.

Tallinn Zoo Snow Leopard Cam

Click on the link below to watch a live stream of Tallinn Zoo’s Snow Leopard.

View Snow Leopard Webcams.

Tallinn Zoo Amur Leopard

Click on the link below and watch the most northern subspecies of the leopard cat native to Siberia, Russia.

View Amur Leopard Webcams.

Tallinn Zoo European Minks Webcam

Click on the link below and watch a 24/7 live stream of Tallinn Zoo’s European Minks

View European Mink Webcam.

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