ZooMontana Webcams

Recognized as the only botanical park in Montana, United States, ZooMontana is a 28 ha wildlife park housing over 100 animals, representing more than 50 species living in artificial habitats designed to their natural environment.

Interesting Facts About Zoo Montana

• In 1982 Zoo Montana was founded as a non-profit organization.

• Annually focussing on wildlife native to Montana and the Rocky Mountains ZooMontana also houses a wide variety of species from around the world within indoor habitats.

• Zoo Montana receives more than 80,00 visitors annually.

• Visitors can travel to ZooMontana by way of Billings MET Transit which offers bus transportation to ZooMontana 6 days a week.

• Canyon Creek which flows through the center of the park creates an innate and placid garden environment.

• ZooMontana is divided into two main regions; the North America Region which includes habitats for Arctic and domestic geese, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, river otter, waterfowl, wolf and other animals native to North America; and it’s Asia Region featuring Amur Tiger, Red Panda and sichuan Takin.

• ZooMontana’s Living Wall habitats located indoors the zoo’s Discovery Center houses animal species native to Africa, South America and many other regions across the world.

• ZooMontana’s The Barn is home to many domesticated animals, including goats, rabbits, peafowl, Belgian draft horses and turkey vulture.

• A popular wedding destination for couples, ZooMontana’s Jane Reger Sensory Garden features several beautiful, native and exotic plants which stimulate the senses. Other gardens highlighted at the zoo include a Montana garden and Children’s Dottie’s Garden.

• ZooMontana’s Botanical Society is made up of volunteers dedicated to the conservation of zoo’s natural environment and grounds.

• ZooMontana is home to the independent preschool, ZooSchool Preschool. The school which features certified and experienced teachers hosts classes for children aged 3 – 5 years at the zoo in a park-like setting where children can learn about the zoo’s animals including how animals are equipped for survival.

• Headquartered at ZooMontana is an independent and non-profit organization known as the Science and Conversation Center. The center which is responsible for the production and distribution of a wildlife contraceptive vaccine and collects data and other records for both the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, also coordinates and administers contraceptive to wildlife.

• ZooMontana’s Gift Shop features several items including postcards, magnets, plush animals and key chains to commemorate your visit to the zoo. Profits earned by the gift shop go towards supporting the zoo’s operations.

• In 2014 ZooMontana was severely flooded during which many of the zoo’s paths were submerged in over three feet of water.

• ZooMontana’s most recent exhibits as of 2016 include, bison, raptors, takin, and wolverines.

• Annual membership packages offered by ZooMontana include, Family Adventure, Grandparent, Family and Individual.

Zoo Montana Webcams

Zoo Montana Bear Cam

ZooMontana’s Underinner Motors ZooCam taken from the Rock Mountain Adventure features live streaming video of the zoo’s grizzly bears Ozzy and Bruno.

View Zoo Montana Bear Cam.